EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention
EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention
Cie Bonnes intentions : “Le Tour du monde en ballon”

Spectacle jeune public

A painter ? A sculptor ? A mad scientist ? Jepeto ? A man comes in. He blows a balloon from his pocket and sculptes what will become the head of our hero. Once the body and the head attached together, the story begins. The story of Joe-Jito, a little man with an ordinary life who will face a though question : should he fulfill his dreams of a great journey or stay with the ones he loves ?


Familly Village (area 8-9)

july 30th 11:30

july 31th 11:30

august 1st 11:30

august 2nd 11:30

  • Jérôme Levrel : juggler



Toulouse | The Pink City