EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention
EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention
Vu Miniature circus show for accurate aggravated

(be careful : limited show for the first 1 800 jugglers pre-registrated )


At the crossroads between object theatre, miniature circus and involuntary clown, the show “Vu”, solo for manipulator of everyday objects, stages an accurate character, delicate and excessively ordered.

This non-speaking show speaks about small obsessions of every day life, these small obsessions that can make us sick and sometimes drive us totally crazy.

Lido school circus (area 1)

  • Etienne Manceau :


  • Sylvain Cousin :

    Outside eye

  • Guillaume Roudot :

    Scenographer and manufacturer

  • Isabelle Trinquesse :


Toulouse | The Pink City