EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention
EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention

2nd year students in a professional training will present :

« My common sense »

A swedish gril stands on her hands, held in balance, tnak’s to a breeze from Brazil… In France, an acrobat on her pole never stops climbing, so to be seen from Finland. A ball, thrown in Spain, caught in Scotland… Copenhagen to Toulouse in one descent of a rope or one crossing of a wire…

Sixteen young circus artists from seven corners of the world brought together on one stage, an abnormal universe filled to the brim with humanity, drama turned on it’s head, risk and tears carried by pure energy, at times with a pinch of irony. Because circus is like life, it trembles so we attach ourselves, it swings so we laugh. It tosses, twists and turns.

Gala show tent (area 9)

Artists :


  • Katja Andersen
  • Max Behrendt
  • Noémie Bouissou
  • Hanna Flemstrom
  • Ricardo Gaiser

  • Antoine Gibeaux
  • Miguel Gigosos
  • Joona Kaakinen
  • Sofia Larsson
  • Anna Le Bozec

  • Corinne Linder
  • Julia Masson
  • Sylvain Monzat
  • Alluana Ribeiro
  • Maxime Sales

Staging : Christian Coumin.


Logo Lido 08

Initiated by the city of Toulouse, Lido opens its doors in 1988. Supported by the Midi-Pyrénées region and DRAC, the Lido of Toulouse became a place of privileged European artistic training during the last few years. Of the companies and artists from or accompanied by Lido, we can mention Morgan Cosquer et Etienne Manceau – Cie Sacékripa, Guillaume Martinet – Cie Defracto, the group Petit Travers, Toi d’abord, Tide Company, la cie Singulière, Cie 111, and the Subliminati Corporation.

The approach of the vocational school is oriented towards the artist, looking for a personal signature and an artistic authenticity. It relies on circus techniques while revisiting theater, dance, music, and other creative forms, which influence and enrich the artistic proposals of the contemporary scene without losing the specificity of the circus. The Lido supports its students in finding a personal style, creating a specific body language in a circus comedian.

« My common sense » is a show created by the students in the end of their year of vocational training. It’s a collective creation guided by Christian Coumin that marks the end of two years of training. After a tour that will bring them up to Scandinavia, the EP2 will return to Toulouse to premiere their shows.

During the whole convention, find the EP2 and the “lidotiens” under Lido’s tent!




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