EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention
EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention


I made it with my father, during all the day.
I like up on top.
On top, there is a 1, and a 2, and a 3, and a 4 and…
It’s my garage’s cat
My mother gave it to mi
It’s her concept because I didn’t really have
I can hide myself inside
I found it in the cabinet of my grand-mother… who’s died
Each color on top is my love filter
Inside, there are some others smilers
I play with it … I like games, not you ?


During the past 30 years, the Lido, the center for the circus arts of Toulouse, trains artists on both an amateur and a professional level. The educational project is based on notions of group work, collectivity, creativity and sincerity. At the heart of the amateur school, creative groups like the Jokers are more of a workshop circus, a collective experience that revolves around the creation of a show.

Familly Village (area 8-9)

july 28th 18:00

 Artists :

  • Alexia Fernandez
  • Alice Le Balle
  • Ananda Boulicot
  • Baptiste Bouissou
  • Camille Leguevaques
  • Corentin Digonnet
  • Elissa Rougemont
  • Jeanne Speriando
  • Juliette Marcaillou
  • Léo Tixador
  • Lisa Brizio
  • Lola Guy
  • Marianne Bourret
  • Marine Delfaud
  • Max Cheret
  • Rémi Teulier
  • Noémie Oggero
  • Sarah Jouves Haoues
  • Thomas Beziath

Staging : Judith Rousseau and Léo Mounier


Toulouse | The Pink City