EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention
EJC 2013 | 36TH European Juggling Convention
The Rocket Family

The Rocket Family Show is a touchingly funny display of acrobatic antics that will have audiences gasping in amazement.

1930, lost in the desert, between Chicago and La Bédoule, a troop tries to survive the hostile conditions of fairground entertainer’s life.

Approach, approach! And follow the adventures of our heroes and acrobats, our wild animals, our Beard Girl“. The Rocket Family Show invites you to discover their small “cabaret“.

A soft, fragile,funny and magical moment at the same time, a magnificently exceptional show.

*Established in 2005, ZimZam’s mission is to create ‘Circus for All’, allowing everyone, especially learning disabled participants and people with mental health issues, access to circus training through workshops, courses and residencies. Each year, they host an annual festival, Fadoli’s Circus, in their hometown of Marseille, France.*


Zim Zam show tent (area 8) – Familly Village

july 27th 20:00

july 28th 20:00

july 29th 20:00

august 2nd 17:30

august 3rd 11:30

Interprété par :


  • Luc Rodriguez
  • Elie Darrouache
  • Kostia Botkine
  • Pierre-Laurent Isoardi
  • Laurent Laborie
  • Marco Guyot
  • Création Costumes: Hélène Milcent
  • Regard Artistique: Kati Haschert
  • Technique: Antoine Cezard







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